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If it’s worth storing, it’s worth insuring

Whilst we don’t insist on insurance at our storage sites we do recommend that you take measures to protect yourself should disaster strike.

Fylde Self Storage is pleased to be associated with the online storage insurance company. provides you with fast, easy, low cost, flexible new for old cover for your domestic and household goods stored whilst with us.


From as little as 69p per week, can offer a self storage insurance policy that offers protection for your precious household and domestic goods.

Do check if your home contents insurance policy covers contents in storage -

There’s no point shelling out for separate protection if your home contents insurance already covers you for items in storage. However, many policies don’t include items in storage and others may specify a limited amount for items whilst they are away from the insured home. Speak to your insurance broker to find out what is covered and ideally make sure it is confirmed in writing. It’s not worth taking chances.